Brand Transformation and Real Estate: Three global case studies

Does your workplace reflect your company’s brand? Here are some examples, showcased in REBRAND 100® Global Awards, of companies from different industries whose holistic brand transformation campaigns have included and extended to real estate. Each company solves a particular rebrand challenge be it repositioning, revitalizing, restructuring, or redesign of existing brand’s assets to address strategic goals.


Mutual Capital Limited, Hong Kong

Mutual Capital Limited acquired a mixed-use office building in the Western fringe of Hong Kong’s Central financial district. In order to maximize revenue performance it needed to attract quality tenants paying higher rents.  Strong branding was needed to help overcome legacy associations with the former tenant and the refurbishment of the property was part of the equation. A collaborative process led to the brand being built upon the idea of connectivity. A distinctive new name was created – NEXXUS BUILDING (a ‘nexus’ being a point of connection).

The result? The rebranded NEXXUS Building has tenants that include major international finance brands, such as MSCI, Grant Thornton and Fidelity, and boutique luxury retailers such as Cartier and Omega. Average rents have almost doubled.

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