Brand Transformation and Real Estate: Three global case studies

Amplifon, Milan, Italy

Amplifon is a world leader in the distribution of hearing aids and their fitting and personalization to the needs of clients with hearing impairment. Its aging network of retail stores was undermining the perception of its brand.

Amplifon reinvigorated its retail design and service offerings to create a memorable and compelling “store experience” for all of its customers. The team conducted a global, ethnography-based research program to target the experience design to Amplifon customers, staff, and audiologists.  Results of research were translated into Concepts Stores that had a more inviting and less “medical” feel and broadened the customer’s perception of a hearing-aid retailer.

The first concept stores across Europe had positive effects on sales and profitability and are seeing an increase in the appeal towards new and younger customers, opening up potential markets.

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