Julie Seitz


Julie C. Seitz, Director of Workplace 2020, talks about leading an ambitious mission to reimagine and revitalize the Atlanta headquarters campus of The Coca-Cola Company, and to define the future of the Company’s workplace globally. Prior to this role, Julie has held several other leadership positions at the Company. Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, Julie worked for IBM. She is a graduate of Clemson University. She serves on the Atlanta Beltline Partnership Board, is co-chair, Youth Villages Georgia Board and is the Chair of the Student Affairs Advisory Board of Clemson University.

What is your role?

My role, first of its kind within The Coca-Cola Company, is to develop and implement Workplace 2020, a new approach to the workplace that embodies the brand of our DNA in order to attract future young employees.

What is Workplace 2020?

Workplace 2020 is focused on reimagining and revitalizing our 2.1 million square foot global headquarters campus, which is home to 5,000 employees in downtown Atlanta. This multifaceted project involves managing a cross-functional team, a vast network of Company stakeholders, and a diverse array of service providers. Coca-Cola operates in 207 countries and this work is also beginning to influence our standards and design globally.

What are key goals for Workplace 2020 and how does it align with Coca-Cola’s corporate mission?

Our goal is to deliver a connected, productive workplace that inspires collaboration, creativity, innovation, optimism and action. Our goal is to make a fundamental impact on our culture so that our people are inspired, bring their best self to work every day, and deliver great results.


As someone with limited Real Estate background, how has your approach for Workplace 2020 been different?

In starting this work, I knew absolutely nothing about the real estate or workplace industry, so I had to be a quick study. Many people across the US and around the World invested their time with me to help me understand the landscape.

With a strong background in marketing, my approach is to ground workplace thinking in brand essence and experience. I know what sets Coca-Cola apart is our global brands, so why would the workplace be any different?  I created a partnership between IDEO and CBRE to look at approaches with a design thinking and human-centered focus. Our design work with Gensler incorporates the employee experience and guest experience end to end.  I’ve expanded our team to include a Transportation Planner, as I believe a great workplace must think about commute options, transportation amenities, long term parking planning and more.


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