Accelerating Corporate Real Estate in India

A recent report from CoreNet Global states that the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) in India has a bumpy road ahead. CRE as a specialized function and profession in India arrived with multinational corporations (MNCs) and their outsourced service providers about a decade ago. In most Indian companies dedicated Corporate Real Estate departments delivering end-to-end services….Continue Reading

So What Do YOU Tell People You Do? Effectively conveying your value proposition in Corporate Real Estate

  How many times are you at an industry or networking event and you have the opportunity to answer this question “So, what do you?”. The first few times I said I worked in “corporate real estate”, the person’s eyes glazed over and followed up with questions about the generic real estate market. I’m sure….Continue Reading

Staying connected: Four easy ways to continuous learning in CRE

Are you new to corporate real estate and need foundational information? Did you take on a new role and have to upskill? Or are you off-ramping in your career, but want to stay connected with the industry? With the proliferation of social media and online platforms you can chart your own continuous learning program in corporate….Continue Reading