The Art and Science of Retail Location Strategy

  Most of us have heard the common tenet of real estate: location, location, location. More appropriately, for Retail Real Estate it should be revised to location, location, strategy. A good retail location strategy can help achieve long-term success in sales performance, branding, and cost optimization. In light of the imbalance in retail real estate….Continue Reading

Learning from 170,000 Federal Teleworkers

Imagine coordinating information on 2.1 million employees, 87 different organizations, and 170,000 teleworkers. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is required to do just that. The 2010 Telework Enhancement Act mandated government agencies to implement telework policies and the OPM to track organizational and environmental impacts.  Last month, OPM released their first report, 2012 Status….Continue Reading

So What Do YOU Tell People You Do? Effectively conveying your value proposition in Corporate Real Estate

  How many times are you at an industry or networking event and you have the opportunity to answer this question “So, what do you?”. The first few times I said I worked in “corporate real estate”, the person’s eyes glazed over and followed up with questions about the generic real estate market. I’m sure….Continue Reading